This mill was located in Pennsylvania. It was purchased by telephone and trucked to Houston. Photos prior to delivery are of the mill when it was still in Pennsylvania.

This site was originally set up to record the process of buying the mill and placing in service. It wasn't intended for public viewing. After a few questions from inquisitive friends it sort of got out to other inquisitive people. Somehow it even got reported to Centroid where all indicators are they were impressed with the write up, and particularly interested in the part connected directly to the Centroid. This comes to me second hand, so please understand it in that respect.

The mill started service in a school in New York. It was reportedly only used for demonstration purposes. It had less than 100 hours of running time when I bought it.

The package deal came with the original external workstation, an NEC color computer complete with 8 inch floppy disks and the original CNC software all circa 1984. Everything still worked, even the 8 inch floppy disks, but SLOW and noisy. Have we ever come a long way in computer technology since 1984.

It's nice and clean. Shows very little wear. The power draw bar is easily visible in this photo. It is air operated.


Back of the mill



Table looks new. Those are dust smudges on top of the table.
Looks like all the frosting is still there.

This is part of the computer stuff on the side of the mill,


The picture below is of the stuff behind the back doors. The bottom door holds the machine lubrication reservoir and the tool coolant reservoir. The computer automatically lubes all the moving parts. The coolant reservoir on the bottom is a mist system.

Coolant and power draw bar are air operated.

Some of the tooling that goes with it. There's a little more.

Mill being delivered in Houston - 1/8/04

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